Seamless Coordination between Provider, Patient and Caregiver

Enhanced Patient Engagement

Our patented clinical software makes staying healthy fun and engaging for patients of all ages. With solutions tailored to specific diseases, patients receive only the most pertinent information to them and their disease. Educational videos and “teach back” quizzes reinforce key concepts necessary for patients to stay knowledgeable about their condition and overall wellbeing. All of these features are easily accessible from our simple, intuitive software. We are proud that our software is able to take the “boring” out of living a healthy lifestyle, infusing excitement into the notion of taking charge of one’s own care. The HRS tablets are also integrated with wireless PulseOximeters, BP Monitors, Thermometers, and Scales, monitored by not only clinicians, but also family members.

Get Patients Involved

Patient Education

Each tablet comes preloaded with a wealth of educational videos specific to the patient’s disease. Videos are complimented with PowerPoint slides so that patient can read about the information simultaneously presented in the videos. With hundred of educational videos to choose from, health care professionals can find videos to fit everyone’s needs.

Simple and Intuitive

If your grandparents can use our software, so can you! The average age of patients using our software is 70.56 years old. We have created an interface that anyone can use, regardless of age and technical know-how.


Following the educational videos – patients are offered a chance to take a fun, interactive quiz that helps reinforce the information previously presented. Patients have reported that the quizzes help them immensely in learning about appropriate disease specific information – almost as if they were back in school again. And who doesn’t want to go back to school?

Clinically Proven

A randomized 50 patient clinical study was performed by Hackensack Hospital and Holy Name Medical Center to evaluate the effectiveness of using HRS’ solution to increase patient engagement and lower 30-day hospital readmissions. The results of the study indicated that there was a statistically significant drop in readmissions for the group of patients using HRS’ tablet compared with those who did not, 8% versus 28%, respectively.


Custom Treatment Plans

The beauty of Health Recovery Solutions' patented software is that it is completely customizable to specific diseases. Educational videos, dietary information, quizzes, “how are you feeling” questions, and other content presented on the tablets change to fit the needs of patients and their individualized health plans. This means that our software is tailored for patients on the individual level – in turn keeping people happy, engaged, and more willing to take charge of their physical conditions.

Take Control of Readmissions

Under Medicare’s Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program, hospitals can be fined as much as 3 percent of their total Medicare yearly reimbursement if it is found that their readmissions were excessively higher than the national average. This year, Medicare fined a record number of hospitals – 2,610 – which resulted in fines totaling $428 million. To say that excess readmissions are a national problem is an understatement, as Medicare officials estimate that of the $26 billion in patient readmissions costs, $17 billion is preventable. Health Recovery Solutions is proud to offer software and associated technology that has been clinically proven to help reduce hospital readmissions by an average of 80%. In a 50 patient hospital sponsored clinical study, patients using Health Recovery Solutions’ tablet technology experienced a readmissions rate of just 8%, compared with 28% for the group receiving regular care. Take control of your readmissions, and let us at Health Recovery Solutions help!

Learn from Your Data

Real Time Risk Assessment

Patients’ vital information is securely beamed to our cloud, where it is analyzed in real time before being displayed for the caregiver for viewing. Our algorithms are thus constantly monitoring patients in precarious condition, and can notify emergency medical personnel in the event that vital signs are considered unacceptable.

Highlights High Risk Patients

Our platform is able to highlight patients at risk for medical complications, thus helping nurses prioritize which patients need immediate care. This in turn increases efficiency and helps toensure that the overall patient care process runs smoothly and effectively.

Real Time Vital Information

When patients record their vitals, the caregivers see the resulting data in real time, thus enabling them to monitor patient health remotely while patients are in the comfort of their own homes.

Adherence Statistics

Caregivers are able to visualize, in real time, population and individual statistics on what percentage of patients are following their recovery care plan (taking medicine on time, recording vitals, physical activity adherence, etc.).

Trusted Solution

“Since launching with HRS we’ve had our best performance in terms of CHF readmission numbers. For the last two months we’ve had zero thirty day readmissions and our overall readmission rate stands at 4.4%. There’s a secret sauce here, engaging patients in their own self care management, providing them with tools for better outcomes.”

Anne Norris — MD, CMO of Penn Care at Home

Remote Patient Care

Reduce Costs

Stay connected to patients like never before with the advanced communication abilities of Health Recovery Solutions 4G tablet. In addition to audio calls and direct messaging functionality, imbedded video chatting capabilities allow caregivers interact with patients face-to-face – delivering intimate remote care that patients, family members, and caregivers will all greatly appreciate.

Manage Multiple Patients at Once

With our ClinicianConnect web portal, caregivers are able to efficiently manage multiple patients at once. With high risk patients highlighted, caregivers can instantly observe which patients require immediate attention. Moreover, the portal displays all patients and their vital information in real-time so that caregivers can most effectively prioritize their patient care.

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